About Us


VEDANG has been envisioned as an institution of excellence with main focus on building capabilities of the students with holistic development of their Personality. This is to be achieved through comprehensive education & synthesizing in its educational processes, professionalism with technological and managerial knowledge in a conductive environment created through good house - keeping, beautiful landscaping, adequate facilities & disciplined life style. Engineering is the profession in which the knowledge of the mathematical sciences is gained by study, experiences and practices applied with judgment to develop way to utilize economically, the materials and of nature for the well being of mankind.

The knowledge has always been the prime mover of power and prosperity. It is not so much “what you teach” as it is “how you teach”. The ‘how’ involves attitude of staff and the student that contributes to the future judgment and professional awareness. Incidentally in the 21st century a new society is emerging where knowledge is the primary production resource instead of capital and labour. I assure you that our faculty & staff will be there to make certain that you gain the education you need in order to succeed, not only at VEDANG but in your chosen place of professional career. We remain committed to give justice to this noble profession.